Selected Press Samples:

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2013/11/21 – The Globe and Mail: Remaking the way children learn and play

2013/10/30 – Arduino Blog: Arduino at Maker Faire Rome on Video

2013/10/05 – Il Messaggero: Il mondo fatto dai maker

2013/10/04 – Wired UK: Makerspace lets kids play with power tools to encourage creativity and confidence

2013/10/04 – Open Electronics: Maker Faire Rome – “How to ReMake the World” Conference Recap

2013/10/04 – EconomyUp!: I makers conquistano anche Intel 

2013/10/03 – Che Futuro!: Maker Faire Rome, porte aperte all’innovazione. Oggi opening conference

2013/01/22 – U.S. News & World Report, Money section – 4 Ways to Figure Out Your Future

2013/01/22 – Yahoo News – 4 Ways to Figure Out Your Future

2013/01/15 – TED: My ups and downs: Jennifer Turliuk at TEDxSantiago

2013/01/15 – Business Insider: ‘Prototyping Different Jobs is the Best Way to Find the Career You Want

2012/12/27 – Huffington Post: Valuing Our Values

2012/12/19 – Metro News: How to Help After Sandy During the Holidays

2012/12/19 - Yahoo News: How to Help After Sandy During the Holidays

2012/12/19 – Forbes: Startup CEO: Ian Monroe on Social Entrepreneurship, Startup Chile, and Building a Tech Team

2012/12/12 – Discovery News: See How Purchases Directly Impact Climate Change

2012/12/11 – Host a ‘Secret Sandy’ to Help Those Affected by the Hurricane this Holiday Season

2012/12/10 – Reuters: Startup Spotlight: Oroeco tackles climate change, one purchase at a time

2012/12/09 – Venturebeat: Startup Spotlight: Oroeco tackles climate change, one purchase at a time

2013/11/16 – Huffington Post: How New York’s Tech Scene Is Helping the City Rebuild

2012/11/09 – The New York Times: New Tools for Disaster Aid

2012/11/09 – CHCH: Website helps those who want to help Sandy victims

2012/11/08 – Forbes: In The Eye Of The Storm, Entrepreneurs Band Together

2012/11/08 - CBS National Television: Dallas App Developer Helping Super Storm Sandy Victims

2012/11/05 – Fast Company: One Week On, Sandy Still Disrupts, But Volunteers Innovate

2012/11/05 – Venturebeat: NeedMapper lets Sandy victims request help by text, track issues via an online map

2012/11/04 – Venturebeat: Geeks to the rescue: NYC’s tech community rallies together for Sandy relief

2012/07/18 – KQED: Silicon Valley Women React to Yahoo’s New Hire

2012/07/07 – Killer Startups – Prototyping Your Passions – Career Tactics From Jennifer Turliuk

2012/06/29 – – A Real Day In the Life?

2012/07/06 – Want To Know What To Do With Your Life? Prototyping Work Experiences Could Help – Career Collaborators

2012/07/04 – Inside Singularity University: ten weeks in tech’s most coveted community

2012/06/27 – Forbes – How I Figured Out What To Do With My Life

2012/05/01 – Harvard Business School case – Start-Up Chile: April 2012

2012/03/26 – Techvibes – How to Get into Startup Chile

2012/03/18 – The Next Web – Meet the Women Founders of Start-Up Chile

2012/02/20 – Techvibes – One Month into the Startup Chile program

2012/01/31 – Techvibes – My First Two Weeks at Startup Chile

2012/01/19 – Women 2.0 – A Day with the CEO of Kiva, Matt Flannery

2012/01/18 – Techvibes – En Route to Start-Up Chile

2011/08/03 – IT Business – Toronto program teaches young entrepreneurs about love and Web development

2010/06/29 – University of Western Australia News: WIFLI Soars in Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition

2010/04/23 – Queen’s University News: School of Business student places second at international competition

2010/03/16 – Vida Univeritaria: Equipe brasileira vence o Latin Moot Corp 2010

2010/03/15 – Universia: Equipe brasileira vence o Latin Moot Corp 2010

2010/03/13 – iG Startups: Startup paulistana Sayyou vence Latin Moot Corp 2010

2010/01/26 – The New York Times – A Surprise Winner in Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition